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A child with special needs is a child first!

The landscape of early childhood is constantly changing and with it the field of child care and preschool. As such, we need to be cognizant of ensuring that we are truly inclusive and meeting the needs of all children. In order to be successful, child care staff must have the capacity to work with all children and be able to adapt their styles of teaching and the learning environments to accommodate all children.HOW INCLUSIVE IS YOUR CHILDCARE?

Training Modules:

All programs are practical, reflective and highly interactive

  • Becoming an Inclusive, Learning-Friendly Classroom

    Participants will engage in hands on activities to better understand Inclusive Child Care and effective approaches to working with the special needs child and their families. An understanding of the various disabilities, challenges faced (communication, mobility, health, isolation, lack of developmental skills) will be emphasized and positive ways to interact with and assist these children will be given.

  • Making Room for All Learning Styles in Your Classroom

    The focus of this workshop will be on exploring how children learn best. Different learning modalities such as visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic will be discussed and participants will learn how to use different sensory modes to enhance learning for all children with an emphasis on children who may have special needs or learning difficulties.

  • Playing with Purpose

    This presentation will help teachers identify how modifications and adaptations in the classroom help children take part in and learn from play.

  • Children with Challenging Behaviors

    This workshop will help participants learn how to identify the triggers that lead to disruptive behavior in the classroom and then strategies that can be effective in reducing these behaviors.

  • Sensory Fun! Get out the Goop!

    Sensory activities provide children with a meaningful avenue for learning. Sensory tables or tubs rotated regularly with wondrous sensory materials are worthwhile investments for hours of learning, exploring, and fun. Because children learn best by having "hands on" experiences with materials, providing an environment rich in sensory experiences is vital to children's learning and development. This interactive workshop will explore why sensory play is important for children.

  • Workshop Specifics

    Each training can accommodate up to 20 participants. Staff support and coaching are included and critical to the success of the training.

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