Enrollment Forms

Below, you will find Initial Enrollment Forms necessary for enrolling your child at The Spotted Zebra Learning Center.

Please download needed forms for your enrollment program, open form, type to fill out with your information, save it, and email completed forms along with any questions to RachelM@spottedzebra.org 

Preschool Enrollment forms

Preschool Initial Application

Registration Form

Spotted Zebra Tuition Contract

Medical Form

Tuition Express Application

Kindergarten Enrollment forms

K Program Initial Application

Kindergarten Program Registration Form

Spotted Zebra Kindergarten Tuition Contract

Medical Form

Tuition Express Application

Bizzy Beez Enrollment forms (Part-time program)

Bizzy Beez Registration Form

Bizzy Beez Preschool Tuition Contract

Tuition Express Application

Medical Form

Wrap Around Preschool Program (if applicable)

Tuition Agreement – Wrap Around Contract


If you have any questions, or require assistance in completing these forms, please do not hesitate to contact us atRachelM@spottedzebra.org or call 518.438.4800.