Pre-K Programs at Spotted Zebra

Pre-K Violet RoomThe Spotted Zebra Learning Center is a contemporary, state of the art, year-round, preschool program. Knowing that the critical time for learning happens between the ages of 3 and 5, the Spotted Zebra Learning Center is designed to meet the needs of all children and truly prepare them for kindergarten and the high learning standards set forth by New York State.

Pre-K Blue RoomClassrooms are small and staff highly qualified.  A licensed Early Childhood Teacher and Special Education Teacher lead each classroom along with the support of a Teacher Assistant.  

Daily activities are planned to help every child progress naturally, at his/her own rate. Skills are introduced based on a child's development rather than his or her chronological age. Pre-K Green Room

As with most children, growth occurs as they explore materials in activities that increasingly challenge them either through structured activities or through play.

The preschool day is 8:30 – 1:30  with wraparound beginning as early as 7:30 AM and ending as late as 5:30 PM. 

Pre-K Orange Room

The Spotted Zebra Learning Center is a year round program, open 50 weeks a year.