Early Intervention

Children are the most precious gift in the world. As parents we want to do everything possible to support our child’s development. If you have concerns that your child may have a developmental delay, seek out the support of early intervention, which is available to all children under the age of three. To begin that process, you should contact your county’s Department of Health for more information:

  • Albany Department of Health:
    (518) 447-4280
  • Rensselaer Department of Health:
    (518) 270-2655
  • Saratoga Department of Health:
    (518) 584-7460
  • Schenectady Department of Health:
    (518) 386-2815

The Spotted Zebra Learning Center is approved by the NYS Department of Health to provide early intervention services to children who meet eligibility. Early intervention services can help young children with delays achieve their developmental milestones through services that may include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and special instruction. Services are provided within the child’s natural environment which may mean the child’s home or a childcare facility. All services are provided at no cost and are intended to support and promote your child’s development.

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