Bizzy Beez Activity Center

The Spotted Zebra Learning Center is pleased to bring the Bizzy Beez Activity Center to the Capital Region! A first of its kind in this area, the Bizzy Beez is an innovative, indoor, multi-sensory environment where kids of all ages can climb, swing, spin, build and craft their way through a variety of different settings.

Knowing that sensory play is a critical part of early childhood programs the Bizzy Beez Activity Center will have equipment and settings that will truly enhance the development of a child’s fine/gross motor skills, creativity, self-esteem, social development and cognitive development!

Bizzy Beez will be open to the public and have:

  • Open Play in the Hive
  • A Serenity Room for Calming and Relaxation
  • Private Sessions with Therapists
  • Special Events and Theme Days
  • Classes and
  • Birthday Parties

Look for more information as we plan our opening for June, 2014!

Spotted Zebra

ImagePicture this! It is the first day of kindergarten! You walk into the classroom with your child radiating an air of confidence. Your quick scan around the room confirms your suspicions - the other parents and children are filled with anxiety and fear - they are unprepared!Unlike these other families, you will long remember this day with pride. Attending the Spotted Zebra Learning Center prepared you and your child for the challenges of kindergarten and made you feel secure in your child's ability to succeed. The Spotted Zebra Learning Center has now made this first day of school an enjoyable experience rather than one to be feared.

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