26 Computer Drive East
Albany NY 12205

P: (518) 438-4800 / F: (518) 689-1091

Welcome Letter


Welcome to the Spotted Zebra Learning Center! The Spotted Zebra was created to provide families in the community with an exceptional preschool program that meets the needs of today's child. The importance of a good preschool experience cannot be stressed enough. We now know through scientific research that three and four year old children have an enormous capacity to learn and develop. If this capacity is not stimulated during these years, children miss a critical opportunity. A quality preschool program can help children to develop reading, writing and math foundations as well as social skills that prepare them for later success in school and in life. We feel that the Spotted Zebra Learning Center is that quality preschool program and we think you will too.

Furthermore, we know that preschool programs are successful when they contain the following elements: parents as first teachers and partners; well educated and well trained staff; low child-teacher ratios and small group sizes in classrooms; and attention to each child's cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. We have achieved these elements at the Spotted Zebra Learning Center.


We conscientiously developed a unique environment for the Spotted Zebra. Fun, inspirational, educational and comforting are the words that describe the facility. When children enter the facility, Zoë the Zebra, a 4-foot stuffed striped zebra with spots, welcomes them. The children greet her in the morning when they arrive and hug her in the afternoon when they leave. Looking down the hallway, one sees four-foot round spots on the carpet that pave the way to the various classrooms. As the children walk towards their classroom, they sing out the colors of the spots,"Green Spot, Blue Spot, Violet Spot, Orange Spot!" Once at their destination, they have the unique opportunity to use the 'kid-sized' door that is located next to the standard door. Many a fight can be heard between child and parent arguing that the parent is not allowed to walk through "their" door! Classrooms are bright, ceilings high and natural light streams in from the windows around the room. Artwork is strewn on the walls and comfy corners are available for reading and quiet time. Children are carefree and happy at the Spotted Zebra Learning Center - it is truly the place for kids of all stripes!

In closing, we have strived to create an early education model that truly meets the needs of all children and are confident that once you visit the Spotted Zebra Learning Center, the bar will be set for all other preschool programs.

Sheri L. Canfield