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Special Camps for Special Kids

Children with disabilities don't need to sit on the sidelines this summer

For many parents, sending a child to cummer camp for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, for parents of children with special needs, that decision can be even more frightening.

Albany mother of 5-year-old triplets Jennifer Steuer says she is torn about the idea of sending her children to summer camp. Steuer, who writes the Triple Threat column for Parents Pages, says while she does feel her children would benefit from having interaction outside of the home, she fears the unknown. Of her three children, her daughter, Olivia, has severe nut allergies and asthma and her son Benjamin has Sensory Integration Disorder, epilepsy, muscle problems requiring bracers on both his legs, ADHD, allergies and is lactose intolerant. The thought of sending them to a camp frightens her.

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Interview with Phil Bayly

Sheri Townsend did an interview with Phil Bayly on Channel 13 about Spotted Zebra's aim to teach children the foundation skills to be successful at a young age and why it's important to enroll children into a learning environment at a young age. Watch the interview here:

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