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New apartment complex combines housing and services to young adults with autism

Parents who have children with Autism have been making plans for their sons or daughters their entire lives. But a meeting today in Cohoes is so they can learn more about helping their soon-to-be young adults with Autism - like 19-year-old Matthew Oill - live independently.

"I do think it's an option, an option for him," says Steve Oill, of Glenville.

In the next 18-24 months, an empty lot between Ontario Street and Sargent Avenue in Cohoes will become 68 units of living space. The first floor, however, will house job training and placement offices, a physician to meet the needs of people on the spectrum and life skills coaches.

"All the services we need to be a productive part of this community will be in one place," explains Sheri Townsend of the Spotted Zebra, one of the partners working to make Mosaic Village a reality.

Rent will start at $600 per month and the hope is it will become an integrated community. Though the target tenant is Autistic young adults who have aged out of school and whose needs are changing.

"We need to have other options as they transition to adult hood."

Life-changing for those on the Spectrum and the people who love them.

"Every parent's dream is that your children can move out of the house and have a happy and successful life," adds Oill.

Originally Published on WNYT.com on September 28, 2016 06:22 PM. Read the Article Here